Vick claims his Twitter was hacked, shuts down account after controversial comment

Marcus Vick, brother of Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Michael Vick, was forced to shut down his Twitter account over the weekend after sending this controversial tweet: The tweet was sent in response to… Continue reading

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Apology to Twitter

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Sponsorships and Endorsements going digital

Mean Joe Green, before he tossed his game-worn jersey to a kid, iconically sipped (well, chugged) on an ice cold Coke. This was in 1979 and not a single one of us has… Continue reading

How should professional teams act on social media?

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Yasiel Puig’s Digital Marketing Profile

Yasiel Puig, the outspoken, almost All-Star, rookie phenom is exploding. He has only played 38 MLB games, but Puig is already a front page athlete. He allegedly caught the attention of Jay Z’s… Continue reading

Sports Marketing Score Explains Why Puig Is not an All-Star

The MLB hosts a “Last Chance Vote” for players who were snubbed by the official All-Star Voting to be voted onto the All-Star team through an online fan vote. For those of you… Continue reading

Inventing a Sports Marketing Formula

By Aaron Westendorf If you want to see the formula I developed and skip the background story, scroll down and it is in bold. Sports Marketing is not Marketing. Every form of marketing… Continue reading

Inventing Followers Per Capita (FPC)

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July MLB Team Social Media Rankings

By Aaron Westendorf This update is current as of July 9, 2013. Some context: All-Star voting just ended. Also, no other professional league has a team with a Klout Rating of 99, and… Continue reading