Digital Sports Voice is an independent website created by Aaron Westendorf to measure and analyze sports digital marketing. Digital Media is still a fairly young and new practice for sports teams in North America. Teams use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other media to spread news and share content with their fans. An upcoming trend will be teams selling their social media platforms to sponsors while expanding their current platforms.

The marketing of sports social media has the largest potential for sales growth in the next decade.

That is the reason Digital Sports Voice was created. Aaron Westendorf currently works in the sports marketing industry as a Marketing Associate for the American Hockey League Texas Stars. Aaron found that it was important to measure and capture the rise in digital marketing in sports, while analyzing the market potential for individual teams and sports leagues as a whole.

Digital Sports Voice will post relevant content and stories in the sports digital world. It will also measure team, league, and athlete digital sports voices and influence through analytics.

Any questions or inquiries should be directed to Aaron Westendorf’s personal email at awestendorf8@gmail.com.