Emerging Trends: The Twitter Mirror


The soon-to-be famous Twitter Mirror being set up at the Oscars, via ctvnews

By: Aaron Westendorf

The MLB Home Run Derby showcased what has quietly become the hottest item in social media for 2014: The Twitter Mirror. The mirror has already made its debut with the NHL, NBA, NFL Draft, WNBA, Wimbledon, Oscars, Grammy’s, Nickelodeon, Golden Globes, AMAs, Emmys and even the Olympics. But have you noticed it?

Twitter Mirror has the appearance of an iPad on the wall, but adds features such as drawing, writing, sharing and branding. There is even a crazier version of the Twitter Mirror that has the capability to do a 360 degree video and post it to Twitter via Vine. The photos below display Twitter Mirror’s ability for an athlete to take a photo of his or herself, write their autograph and send with the event’s logo or hashtag.

So how will teams and leagues capitalize on this emerging trend?

Although the Twitter Mirror appears simplistic and a digital manager’s dream, most teams would probably have difficulties getting their hands on the technology. To date, Twitter Mirror has only appeared at major entertainment events, such as this weekend’s MLB All-Star weekend. But that doesn’t mean they should avoid making similar content.

I have devised a “poor man’s” Twitter Mirror strategy using Snapchat. The social app is now famous for its photo sharing capabilities, and some teams or leagues have already implemented Snapchat in their every day marketing and communications. The app also features tools that a digital manager will find useful without ever sending a single snap.

As a photo is taken, Snapchat users have the option to pick a color and “draw” on the screen. Much similar to the Twitter Mirror, players could take selfies and write on their photo. Need text? Tap the text bar in Snapchat to add your team’s official hashtag, or to include a stat line from that night’s game. Before selecting the time limit for the snap, or who to send the snap to, look beneath your thumb at the download icon pictured below (I stole the image from Snapchat’s How To site):

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.26.44 AM

By clicking this, the photo is saved with the autograph to your phone’s photo gallery. You now have the ability to tweet your 3 stars of the game in a selfie, or a photo of a rookie’s first night with an autograph, looking much similar to Twitter Mirror photos.

If your team already utilizes Snapchat to produce public stories for your fans, saving a game-winning selfie is just as easy as clicking on your own story. The instructions are shown below (again, from Snapchat):

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 10.25.26 AM


Cool Twitter Mirror photos from the past year:

Here is a great example of the super cool, 360 degree video capability from the NBA All-Star game:


From last night’s Home Run Derby, Todd Frasier and his Cincinnati Red teammates:

Anne Hathaway photo bombing Jessica Biel at the Oscars? Anne Hathaway photo bombing Jessica Biel at the Oscars.

Here is the Twitter Mirror getting some music royalty action:

Another photo from last night’s derby: