#FirstTweet reveals Dallas Cowboys Fail

Twitter, celebrating its 8th year of 140 character messages, launched a “Discover” campaign #FirstTweet. Many users found humor in their first tweets, some found solace that they have become better authors, and then we all found Dallas Cowboys’ first tweet.

photo (2)

This is hilarious for 2 reasons:

1) No one from the Cowboys front office thought to delete this tweet…which leads us to 2.

2) Because this tweet was never deleted, that means that the account is still active from the days when a guy in his basement claimed the Twitter domain in hopes for cashing in. However, Twitter doesn’t operate as web domains do because they own Twitter.com/whatever_name_you_chose. Web domains got people wealthy because they were all free range. First come, first serve. And then sold to the highest bidder.

Companies, major brands and sports teams can go through the office of Twitter and demand their handle name despite someone already “owning” it, because technically Twitter owns it all. After some paper work, proof of ownership for the brand name, Twitter resets the the handle (erases all Tweets and Followers) and the team takes ownership – starting from scratch.

One can only assume the Cowboys paid the ransom to Mr/Mrs 417-576-3797, when it could have been done for free.