Do GIFs and Sports belong together?

The Utica Comets of the American Hockey League included the GIF (pronounced JIF) above in their game story press release. Matt Archibald landed a major hit that sent a Lake Erie Monsters player tumbling to a 360 degree fall.

A GIF (type of file) has seen increased popularity in recent years. In case you don’t know, a GIF takes 3-10 seconds of a video file and creates a repeating image of that clip.

BuzzFeed, a terrible “news” and “entertainment” site, gave the GIF its popularity, and then ultimately bastardized it. The majority of BuzzFeed’s content is cats, dogs and bloopers.

Most people now associate a GIF with something funny, or cute.

Could sports give GIF a good name? I mean, would people think GIF files are useful if they aren’t all cats or puppies?

I believe sports teams can use GIF files to include with in-game posts, press releases or an official game release. Imagine reading about a major goal or save, and then being able to see the highlight over and over again. It doesn’t make sense necessarily to embed a 5 second video of the highlight, but a GIF replay may be useful to the audience:



Making sports digital is all about creating an all-inclusive experience for viewers: Including other interactive features such as live-tweeting or author commentary makes for a successful user experience.