Florida State Bans All Social Media Heading Into The 2013 Football Season

After a year of no Twitter led to an ACC Championship and BCS Bowl win in 2012, the Florida State Seminoles are officially going social media free in 2013. With the focus on football, the Seminoles coaching staff hopes that they can make their first National Championship run since 1999.

Two seasons ago, the coaching staff at Florida State implemented a ban on Twitter after several players tweeted profanity-laced comments after a tough loss to Wake Forest. It was meant to be just a temporary thing, but after last season’s mess with police officer shootings in Tallahassee, the team decided right before the season to ban Twitter for the entire team. The result? Their third 12-win season in program history.

This season, head coach Jimbo Fisher did not even have to formally ban social media. The team, headlined by the Unity Council that they have put together, decided that social media was more of a distraction than a need for the team. There will be no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media posts during the season from any player on the team. It could ruin fantasy football odds for the team, but the upside is surely worth it.  All accounts will go silent until the end of the season, which the team hopes is sometime in early January.

The team says they are able to pull this off because their football family, and actual family, can be relied on when support is needed. Social media is an easy way for any person with an account to get in contact quickly. By eliminating that gateway during the season, it should help keep drama to a minimum.