Yasiel Puig’s Digital Marketing Profile


Yasiel Puig, the outspoken, almost All-Star, rookie phenom is exploding. He has only played 38 MLB games, but Puig is already a front page athlete. He allegedly caught the attention of Jay Z’s sports marketing firm ROCNATION, news that made headlines on its own. Puig’s marketability is currently in the part of the bell curve that is heading straight for the moon – up, up, up.

Puig, after some poorly received media and criticism from MLB greats, recently signed a marketing deal with Radegen Sports Management (@RadegenSports). According to their website, Radegen also supports current MLB players David Ortiz, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, as well as current NHL players Brad Richards and Brandon Dubinsky.

Digital Sports Voice wanted to assess Puig’s digital worth through his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. To put into context Puig’s worth, I have compared it to other Radegen Sports clients, as well as other LA Dodgers teammates.

If you are unfamiliar with calculating digital worth, Digital Sports Voice uses a digital analytic formula that measures Market Power (how influential is the athlete/team), Reach (total amount of followers), and Engagement (Fan interactions).

TF is Total Followers.

Radegen Sports Clients Digital Worth:

Name TF % Engaged Market Power Digital Worth
Bautista 525,128 3.2 0.6 920
Puig 111,511 23.5 0.06 157
Ortiz 1,510,780 0.2 0.34 67
Encarnacion* 102,521 1.9 0.12 24

*Encarnacion does not currently have a Facebook Fan Page: Facebook has supplemented the fans with its own directory of content

LA Dodgers Player Worth

Name TF % Engaged Market Power Digital Worth
Kemp 685,410 1 0.35 245
Puig 111,511 23.5 0.06 157
Kershaw 123,414 2 0.06 16

Puig At A Glance

Currently, all of Puig’s digital media is produced in Spanish. Radegen’s client David Ortiz writes in both Spanish and English, something that I believe will happen with Puig’s content soon. It’s common in professional sports to have bilingual digital media. MLB and NHL players typically speak in their native tongue and English to help the market worth.

Puig’s engagement numbers are much higher than other athletes because of the high amount of mentions and buzz in social media and relatively low amount of followers – this will change over time but won’t hurt his overall worth. As more Fans join Puig’s digital media his Market Power will rise.

Puig has a very high digital worth for only playing half of a MLB season – Radegen Sports signed a player in their prime, and should see plenty of growth in Puig’s marketing.