NFL ‘Greatest Uniform Ever’ Predictions according to digital influence

The NFL and Dave Dameshek (@Dameshek) are hosting an online contest for the best NFL uniform of all time. The contest is a bracket-format competition that hosts current AFC and NFC uniforms, and throwback AFC and NFC uniforms, leading up to a “current” versus “throwback” final vote.

Dameshek (Klout Score: 81 and 42,659 Twitter followers) assigned seeding for the brackets based on the quality of jerseys. Though most might agree with Dameshek’s opinion on looks, asthetics and color schemes, the internet doesn’t have eyes.

What the internet does have is Followers and Influence, two things necessary to win a voting competition. NFL Team influence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will play a vitale role in determining the winner for the online competition.

Using digital analytics, Digital Sports Voice predicted the results for Round 1 “current” uniform voting.

Want to see where the numbers and analytics came from? Click here.


Seed Team Facebook Twitter Projection
1 Raiders 1,910,339 261,765 Loss
16 Patriots 4,055,305 619,814 Win
8 Dolphins 1,329,789 226,228 Loss
9 Broncos 1,533,616 284,992 Win
5 Chiefs 667,919 162,683 Loss
12 Texans 867,297 261,350 Win
4 Colts 1,679,248 165,573 Win
13 Jaguars 311,497 86,531 Loss
6 Browns 635,839 166,983 Loss
11 Ravens 1,485,103 339,414 Win
3 Jets 1,497,830 581,266 Win
14 Bengals 651,385 170,576 Loss
7 Bills 435,716 162,432 Loss
10 Titans 530,189 131,480 Win
2 Steelers 4,886,824 552,660 Win
15 Chargers 1,217,588 211,316 Loss


Patriots (16) over Raiders (1): This one hurts. The Oakland Raiders have a very proud fan base, a very old school jersey and still pride themselves for their “prison rules” style of football. But the Patriots have such a large fan base despite their ugly jerseys. I want the Raiders to win, I think the Raiders will win, but the numbers are too far apart. IF the Raiders win, they will have an easier time against the 8 or 9 seed than against the Patriots’ 4 million Facebook fans, not to mention their #2 ranking in Digital Sports Voice‘s Social Media Power Rankings.

Texans (12) over Chiefs (5): The Texans internet interaction is relatively low for NFL teams with a Klout rating of 89. However, Kansas City has a very poor digital following compared to most NFL teams. According to our rankings, Houston is the 15th most powerful team on social media while Kansas City comes in at 23. Kansas City has an old classic uniform style, but I like Houston’s more.

Ravens (11) over Browns (6): The Super Bowl Champions hold the 11th most powerful digital media platform despite their recent national success. The Browns, a perennial losing team, come in as the 24th most influential team. Lets not forget that the Browns won a social media competition already when they voted Peyton Hillis onto the cover of Madden 14, but the Browns’ simple brown jersey paired with a simple orange helmet won’t be enough to trump the Ravens purple and black combo.

Titans (10) over Bills (7): The Titans, former Houston Oilers (on the list for “throwback jersey” as a 6 seed), barely beat the permafrost Bills. Both teams share bottom of the barrel influence for NFL teams at 27 & 28, so either team celebrating a victory will be short-lived.


Seed Team Facebook Twitter Projection
1 49ers 1,877,042 406,662 Win
16 Rams 417,053 120,416 Loss
8 Vikings 1,420,668 225,814 Loss
9 Lions 862,910 229,119 Win
5 Packers 3,487,036 472,260 Win
12 Eagles 2,044,680 303,368 Loss
4 Bears 2,713,707 314,060 Win
13 Panthers 576,182 163,329 Loss
6 Seahawks 874,297 233,328 Win
11 Buccaneers 552,891 120,774 Loss
3 Giants 2,685,292 463,367 Win
14 Cardinals 553,789 55,541 Loss
7 Saints 2,945,650 328,300 Loss
10 Cowboys 5,403,256 576,226 Win
2 Redskins 1,113,597 216,345 Win
15 Falcons 1,036,251 228,639 Loss


Cowboys (10) over Saints (7): Did Dameshek look at our NFL Social Media Power Rankings to avoid any upsets in the NFC? The Cowboys can go very far in this competition. They are ranked #1 in our Digital Marketing Power Rankings, have the most Facebook fans, second most Twitter fans and even their stadium has its own verified Twitter account (@CowboysStadium: 35,000 Twitter followers and a Klout influence of 63). If the Cowboys want to win this competition, all they need to do is flex their social media muscle.