Andre Ellington Is Ready To Be An Elite Running Back

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By the Numbers: NHL Goalies

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By the Numbers: NHL Captains

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Where is the NFL’s value held?

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Sports Social Media Truths That Aren’t Factual

This post is co-written by: Aaron Westendorf Follow @ae_westendorf Neil Horowitz Follow @njh287 This is the very first co-authored post for Digital Sports Voice and myself. Neil Horowitz was most recently the Manager of… Continue reading

Emerging Trends: The Twitter Mirror

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The Cavs took a long time to post LeBron Content

Here is everything that happened while people waited for @cavs to post something… The value of the Cleveland Cavaliers went way up: Ozanian: value of Cavs just went up by $100 mil on… Continue reading

Twitter Buy Now Button Is Good For Sports

Amazon and Twitter made news back in May when they announced a “Buy Now” button for Amazon products. Users on Twitter could scroll through Amazon’s handle and have the ability to be directed… Continue reading

Mark Mulder is a Moneyball Genius

Moneyball is a term used in baseball as the practice of buying undervalued players at cheap prices so that low-revenue baseball clubs have a chance at beating the Yankees. Moneyball, the practice, made… Continue reading

NHL Draft: How often should teams post

How much is too much: On the day of the NHL draft front offices were busy prepping their strategies, finalizing trades and setting up watch parties. On Twitter, it was just as busy for… Continue reading